*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our in-person services have been modified.

For more information please go to the "Sunday In Person" page on our website.

What to Expect

We gather Sundays at 10:00 A.M. at Corvallis Community Center in Corvallis. At Valley Springs, we know that going to a church for the first time can be an intimidating experience full of questions like, “What’s going to happen?” “Will I be dressed right?” “What will the music be like?” “Will there be people there like me?” We don’t want you to be unsure about what it’s like to visit Valley Springs Church, so here is what you will want to know.


There is no need to dress up, so feel free to come in casual clothes. When you walk in, people will be friendly and greet you but not invade your space. Free coffee, tea, and donuts are available, and you are welcome to bring your food and drinks into the service.


We also have an excellent Kids’ Program with trusted and trained workers where your children can learn about Jesus in an age-appropriate way and in a safe and fun environment. We are open to receiving your kids 20 minutes prior to each service, and you can go to the kids welcome desk to find out where they should go.

Our Kids’ Program during each service is for infants through 5th grade, while middle school and high school students are encouraged to attend the service. Visit the Kids & Youth page for more information.


Worship & Offering

We start our service with worship by singing songs to God. The worship music is current, ranging from modern hymns to contemporary worship songs. Some people respond naturally to God’s presence by raising hands, kneeling, or clapping but we just want you to worship in a manner that’s real. At Valley Springs, this means low-key, non-hyped, heartfelt responses to the Living God. We also offer the opportunity during our Sunday service for those who would like to give financially to God’s Church, but if you are visiting, there is absolutely no obligation to give.


After announcements, a pastor will teach from the English Standard Version of the Bible (if you don’t own a Bible, we would love to give you one when you visit). Because we believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, we teach it as it is, rather than teaching our own opinion. We aim to teach the Bible in a way that is clear and understandable to all, regardless of church experience, and that challenges us to put it into practice.


As the last worship song plays at the conclusion of each service, those who would like to receive prayer will be invited forward, and someone from our prayer team will pray for them. We find it important to have an environment without the pressure to go forward to receive prayer, but with the opportunity for anyone who would like God’s help with specific things have an opportunity to ask Him.


Each service lasts for about an hour and 15 minutes. Once it ends, please feel free to hang out and meet people afterwards. We would definitely like to meet you! For parents, please pick up your kids within 20 minutes of the service ending.