VS Kids At Home

Valley Springs Kids at Home

We understand the importance of teaching children the love and character of God through fun and engaging activities. We also understand how difficult it can be for parents to come up with such content. We will provide resources on this page that we hope you find helpful in teaching your kid(s) about Jesus in an exciting way! This page will be updated each week with fun videos and activities for you and your family to enjoy together. If you have any questions, please feel free to email makenzie@valleyspringschurch.com

Lesson Outline



Start by watching the lesson video. After watching the video, feel free to discuss the questions with your kid(s). To access the video, please follow this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mvYUE1LdT71fvIOVf3B8mG47kfUxXrnc/view?usp=sharing

Memory Verse

After watching the lesson video you can read the memory verse to your kid(s) and then watch the memory verse video. To access the video, please follow this link:

Toddler/Infant Activity: Climb a Mountain

Stack a few pillows and cover them with a blanket. Invite babies to crawl to or sit on the "mountain."

Say: The Bible says that Moses went up to the mountain to get the Ten Commandments, or rules. God gave us rules to love Him and others. GOD IS GOOD.

We hope you and your family enjoy these activities!